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How to Trade Gaps | Stock Market Champs EP 6

Tradeflix . Posted 1567 days ago

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Today, I am happy to unfold our next episode of the Stock Market Champs Series i.e Trading Gaps. In this episode, I will talk about what to do if the stock opens more than 5-7% higher or lower than it's previous close i.e. gap up or gap down. Generally during these situations, many investors square-off their positions assuming that they earned sufficient profits, but actually, these are the real game-changers and can turn in to wealth-creating opportunities, I have also covered "How to strategize your stop losses?" How efficiently you can make use of such opportunities. - Jimeet Modi - Founder & CEO, Samco

Jatinder Narang 4 years, 0 months, 16 days ago

if after a gap down of 8% in a stock, i sell the shares in bounce of 5%, but that share open a gap up of 10% in next few days. WHICH GAP SHOULD BE USE Read More...

Mahendra Dhondiram Jagtap 4 years, 2 months, 24 days ago

What technic should be use

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