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The Art of Short Selling | How to Make Money in Bear Market

Tradeflix . Posted 1419 days ago

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Here is an exclusive strategy by our head of research Mr. Umesh Mehta in which he has given some fantastic insight and ready-made framework that helps you make a successful short trade. It is a complete package for the trader/investors who want to trade and make money in the bear market. What is Short Selling? In simple terms, short selling is selling stocks that are not in your Demat account and buying them again when the price goes down. The profit made by you is equal to the difference in the value between the two prices. What you will get from this video? -Basic understanding of concepts like Bull and Bear Market -5 point framework for selecting stocks to short -3 Bear Market Strategies -How to do Risk Management in Bear Market? and a lot more.

Sandeep Sadanand Shirodkar 2 years, 1 months, 3 days ago

Very well explained.Great knowledge.Very useful for short selling.Salute to you sir for your effort.

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